Mobile grooming is a premium service for your dog, unlike a grooming shop where your pet must wait its turn and often deal with multiple people, in an environment with other dogs that increase your pet’s anxiety and stress.

Mobile Dog Grooming by Katie will give your pet undivided attention and personal care, maximum comfort, and the best pet grooming experience.

My professional comprehensive service includes:

Bathing, Drying, and Grooming Your Dog

Hydro Massage

Bathing increases circulation using warm water while deep cleaning and massaging at the same time to promote healthy skin and coat

Foam Facial

Hand Drying

Removes excessive water to aid in faster drying

Premium Shampoos and Conditioners

I won’t try to make you buy any – I don’t sell pet care products

Final Brushing

Removes tangles as well as hair loosened from bathing

Brushing Teeth

Oral gel helps remove germs and freshen breath

Cleaning Ears

Reduces chances of ear infections

Trimming Nails

Nail Grinds

Shortens nails more than trimming alone and removes sharp edges

Expressing Anal Glands