How Often Should Dogs Be Groomed?

Generally, every 4 – 6 weeks, depending on the breed.

What Areas Do You Serve?

Mobile Dog Grooming by Katie currently is licensed by the City of Lewes, the City of Rehoboth Beach, and the Town of Henlopen Acres. Delaware locations near these areas can also be serviced.

How Long Does the Grooming Process Take?

A complete grooming can take from 1.5 to 3 hours depending of the size, breed, and condition of the dog. Every pet is different. Times are adjusted to meet the needs of the pet.

What Are Your Prices?

I would have to meet your dog first to give you an exact price before performing the first groom. I would have to meet your dog first to give you an exact price before performing the first groom. The size, condition, and breed of your pet would determine the exact cost for a comprehensive groom and the time needed to perform it. Mobile Dog Grooming by Katie can provide services other than a comprehensive groom, such as a dog bath only, for a smaller fee.

How Do You Schedule Appointments?

Appointments are scheduled on a first-come/first-serve basis and can be made via voicemail, text, email, or on this website. Please keep in mind that it will take time to respond to scheduling requests and that calls are not answered during grooming appointments. After an initial visit, recurring follow-up appointments in advance are suggested in order for you to get the day and time you want. Note that during holiday seasons appointments for dog grooming fill up quickly, and regular customers will be served first.

Do You Use My Electricity and Water?

The Mobile Dog Grooming by Katie salon is self-powered and contains its own water, which is quickly heated as needed to provide your pet the most comfortable bath. Refilling water from your house might only be necessary if there were a large number of dogs groomed in a single appointment.

Will There Be Any Water Dumped on My Street During the Grooming Process?

The supplies used by Mobile Dog Grooming by Katie are environmentally friendly. The mobile salon has a tank for waste-water. It usually will not be emptied on or around your property, except possibly if I groom a large number of dogs at a single appointment. Generally, however, I recycle the waste water on the plants at my house as the mobile salon has separate filters for dog hair.

Can I Watch You Groom My Pet?

Due to insurance reasons and safety factors, neither clients nor their children may enter the mobile vehicle while grooming is in session. Please feel free to observe the grooming session through the large window on the side of the mobile salon. I would be happy to show you my vehicle before grooming your pet. In addition to your personal safety, your pet may get excited or be anxious at your presence, making it more difficult for me to groom your pet.

I Can’t Seem To Contact You Directly, Why Do I Often Get Voicemail?

My full attention is given to the dog that is being groomed, so unfortunately, I sometimes have to rely on voicemail. I try to return all calls and voicemails the same day and can’t do this while driving since I need to write down information about you and your pet. Please be patient, and I will return your calls as soon as possible. I do appreciate your calls and your business.